Alforca – Lightweight Safety Shoes


As we always say, we like to test everything new on the market, mostly tech products – but sometimes we take a look at non-electronic products too. It doesn’t mean that this kind of things are not related with technology. Technology is everything, also behind safety products like these shoes. Only after a lot of tests and studies, companies can produce and sell safety products. This is why we want to talk about safety shoes this time.

After this little introduction, we are absolutely happy to test new products, and if they are as good as we expect we are doubly happy, because we can share info on good products with you.

These shoes are one of the summer models that Alforca offers at good prices. I’m in Italy, the nation of the Sun and Fashion, and then I need shoes beautiful and practical at the same time. The summers are very, hot with peaks between 35° and 40°C, and I can’t work in the hot shoes all day. Luckily, Alforca produces light shoes AND with certified protection. How do they manage that? Let’s see!


Brand Name Alforca
Shoes Type Shoes (Not boots)
Toe Shape Round
Upper Material Fabric (with open side slots)
Midsole Material Anti-Puncture “Bulletproof” Textile
Outsole Material Rubber
Electricity Insulated
Weight 400g
Toe Impact Protection Up to 200 joule / 15.000 newtons
Puncture Protection Up to 1.100 newtons
Colors Blue&Black/Grey/Orange
Where to Buy Alforca Website

Design and Build Quality

These shoes sport one of the most casual designs I’ve ever had. One day I wore them to the mall with some friends and I didn’t even notice that I was wearing safety shoes. For someone this could be a good tip. I always had safety shoes, also at home, doing some little works but this model is incredible. The shoes are super lightweight and don’t have that bad sensation of “heavy toe” during the walking, they just feel 100% normal, everyday shoes.

Topside is made of a light but strong fabric and on the sides there are little nets made of nylon that allow the airflow all around the foot and so keep it cooled. To let you see it, I put a light into the shoe.

As I said, I always used big boots with huge toecap protection and heavy and rigid sole… but not this time. These shoes are something incredible, being very light and soft – like a normal running shoe! In fact the sole is very soft and easy to bend.

Moreover, the insole is soft and confortable like a slipper. My daily routine makes me travel over 10km a day and I never feel it a problem.

Obviously these are summer shoes and are not made for work in the rain or in the mud – only in dry places. In fact the shape of the sole is also designed only for this purpose.



There are absolutely no reasons to not buy and wear these shoes. I am absolutely happy to have them and I will use them until the weather allows me to do so. After more than 1 month of tests I couldn’t find anything wrong with them. I so absolutely recommend these shoes!